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Trust AMM to help you keep your printing equipment running efficiently. We offer print cylinder refurbishment and roller refurbishment solutions. With us on your side, it's easy to keep your machines running and operations on time.

Typical Cylinder Rebuild

Our cylinder rebuild includes a range of services:

  • Clean, Disassemble, & Inspect
  • Undercut Worn or Damaged Surfaces
  • Thermal Spray
  • Rough Grind & Assemble
  • Cut Centers & Finish Grind To OEM Specifications

Auxiliary Roller Refurbishment

We can refurbish the surface of most any roller or journal:

  • Micrometric Metering Rollers (Knurled Bronze)
  • Stainless Steel Ink Fountain Rollers
  • Chrome Rollers
  • Copper Rollers

Grinding Cylinder   Cleaning Cylinder   Rebuilt Cylinder   Cylinder Being Worked on   Frame


Insert/Cassette Rebuild

Printing presses have cassettes that consist of large frames and rollers. These insert cassettes contain three main rollers that  often require replacement to create larger print sizes. The cassettes can be sent to us for customization, frame repair, bore or cylinders repair and replacement of its seals and bearings. 

In-Place Frame Boring & Sleeving

If you have a worn out bore for a bearing or bearing box, we can fix it! If the bearing fits straight into the bore, we will bore it out and sleeve it. If a bearing box fits into the bore, we will bore it to clean and metallize the box to accommodate the oversized fit.